The Italian cuisine and its wisdom in dealing with simplicity, the good wine, the joy and a gift that comes from the cradle: to serve well! This is the tradition of Velho Madalosso.

The taste and the tradition


In the memory of taste there is a place reserved for that longing for homemade dishes, prepared by la mamma or la nonna on Sundays. Recipes that crossed the sea and time, passed on from parent to child, around ancient stoves. Based on this tradition Velho Madalosso was created, and with it remained the habit of Sunday lunch with friends, the family together, the joy of eating and drinking well. The restaurant has evolved, created the first climatized wine cellar in Curitiba, recently launched the pure malt beer Madalosso, expanded its halls and created an outdoor deck to accommodate more comfortably the people that, like their parents and grandparents, make of lunch or dinner at Velho Madalosso a tradition.



dna floraThe transforming capacity of work was all the first Italian settlers had. And that was inherited by the Madalosso family. The Velho Madalosso Restaurant, opened in 1963 with only 24 seats, is a story of work, perseverance and love for gastronomy. It was in this small establishment, where often Dona Flora sought the chicken in her little creation in the backyard to prepare the dishes, that arose the culinary tradition of Santa Felicidade neighborhood. Today, Velho Madalosso comfortably accommodates over 170 people, has an exclusive events lounge with equal capacity, a climatized wine cellar and the wine, that once was only the house wine, today unfolds in dozens of the most respected labels worldwide.


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