Velho Madalosso has unique event halls, aside from the outside deck and a tradition of over 50 years of holding parties and events.

Parties and Events

It is impossible to enumerate the wedding, engagement, and many other parties celebrated in the halls of Velho Madalosso of over 50 years of existence. Today there is a hall reserved for these events, with more privacy, which accommodates up to 200 people. In the menu, in addition to the traditional Italian cuisine, the versatility of the buffet, served according to the occasion or customer preference. A complete structure for events includes everything from the decoration to a renowned sommelier for wine harmonization.

With no additional cost, Velho Madalosso offers:

  •     Restaurant hall rental;
  •     Guests tables with white tablecloths, table covers (3 color options), napkins and chair covers (optional);
  •     A large parking lot with insurance and trained keepers;
  •     Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning;
  •     Corkage fee applied according to number of guests;
  •     A hall with exclusive entrance

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